Location accuracy

Able to pin-point the location of the item being studied which is vital to many applications

Unmatched data quality

With the highest resolution of any commercial space-based hyperspectral provider:

  • We see the tree in the forest versus the forest of trees – our high spatial resolution allows us to identify and discriminate among smaller objects.
  • The smallest objects we can resolve are 4 meters squared in size, while other satellite-based systems barely attain resolution of 900 square meters in area or larger.
    • (visual: we can detect objects the size of an average grand piano; bed; car; others can’t)

High signal to noise

  • Our quiet sensors and overall design give us a signal to noise ratio that is unprecedented in any commercial space-based platform to date.

A comprehensive library of signatures

We don’t just trust what we see – our proprietary library of hyperspectral signatures catalogues the “fingerprints” of over (X#?) identifiable materials. The scale of what we can identify ensures accuracy of the data even when it’s being collected under challenging conditions.

Aerial-like resolution with satellite-like access

With our constellation of low orbiting, high resolution satellites, you will get global coverage, immediately and predictably, without the limitations of aerial collection.

The resolution is what you would expect from aerial coverage, but all from one data source at scale.