Seamless access to experts

For more complex, custom requests, our analysts can help you access new data, set up new project templates in the system, provide analysis, and desired outputs in a format of your choosing.

For user questions and issues, we’re here to make sure you have the answers you need.

Clear, interactive reports

You can choose the right output for your needs:

  • Executive briefing
  • Data table
  • Graphs
  • Map
  • Diagram

You can even customize the output yourself or with the help of our expert team.

Customer-led evolution

Based on your requests and those of industry peers, our analytics engine continually learns, proactively recommends next steps, and grows its set of algorithms, reports, and analyses.

Easy-to-use interface built for non-experts, but with unparalleled accuracy

The web-based software walks users through entering key information:

  • Geography
  • Time period
  • Industry
  • Information need

It turns around rapid, automated analysis for common requests and seeks new data when needed while providing a dependable schedule for when the data will be available

Its output readily integrates with existing client systems