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Company Overview

HySpecIQ provides the deepest insights attainable from satellite remote sensing to today’s complex challenges.  Our web-based platform allows users to leverage the highest quality technical data based on simple, sector-specific queries and a wide range of applications useful at every level of expertise.  Our capabilities allow professionals in a wide array of applications, an those in pursuit of Environmental, Societal, and Governance  (ESG) initiatives to drive new insights and competitive advantage from HySpecIQ’s offerings.

HySpecIQ provides complete answers to the essential critical questions facing clients with unparalleled accuracy and ease of use leveraging the most advanced remote sensing technologies and tools.

Complete Answers

Traditional remote sensing data is limited to addressing the size, shape, surface and location of an object of interest. A technology known as Hyperspectral enables knowing what that object is made of as well as its condition. Superficial and substantive knowledge is required to fully explore an area of interest and get the answers needed

HySpecIQ provides the tools to fully exploit available data in order to get to the answers being sought


Answers are useless and even potentially harmful unless they are accurate and timely

The unparalleled fidelity of HySpecIQ’s sensor, the proven efficacy of its algorithms and the use of machine learning to improve results all benefit users who are counting on results

Ease of Use

While Hyperspectral data offers the ability to ascertain an object’s composition and condition, doing so is very demanding both in terms of expertise required and the infrastructure needed due to the ~100X increase in data volume and complexity of analysis. Technology and science enables getting results, but one should not have to be a scientist to attain the needed answers

HySpecIQ’s web-based approach fully eliminates infrastructure concerns while its innovative menu driven system directly provides needed answer

Most Advanced Remote Sensing Technologies

The benefits of employing Remote Sensing versus direct is the scale and scope possible without the cost, time and risk doing so would entail. There are different kinds of sensors and platforms each offering a different capability in terms of scope and scale

HySpecIQ offers access to a unique source of data and the ability to use it in tandem with other data types


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